About Us

Our parish was established in early 2014 from the merging of the former Otaki and Levin Parishes and is the northern most parish of the Archdiocese on the western side of the North Island. It borders both the Diocese of Palmerston North along the Manawatu River and the parish of Our Lady of Kapiti to the south.  We have the Tararua Ranges as our backdrop to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west.  Generally, we enjoy a relaxed and happy outdoor lifestyle which filters through to the down to earth way in which we practise our faith.

Our Membership

We are the Catholic communities of Otaki and Levin with a parish role of around 800 people.  The parish is the ancestral home of the Maori people who have lived alongside the Marist Fathers and Brothers since the early 1800s.  Pakeha have also called the area home since the mid 1800s and many generations of children have grown up in both Otaki and Levin and attended the two primary schools, St Peter Channel and St Joseph's.  The parish is now the spiritual home to many cultures.


Our Spirituality

Our parish is blessed to have both Mary and Joseph as our patrons and we adopt both the Marion Spirituality passed on to us by our Marist Community and the spirit of St Joseph demonstrated in the hard working ethics of our many volunteers.  Together, the spiritualities combine to pay homage to Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

 Guide to Marae Protocol - Tikanga a te marae