A painting of the Tararuas - the mountain range that is the backdrop to our Parish, from Te Horo in the south to Levin in the north.  Acknowledging Peter Healy SM - artist.



The original St Mary's church at Pukekaraka, Otaki.  St Mary's now the oldest continuously used Catholic Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  The new church which is used on Sundays and on major feast days is visible to the left of and extends behind the old church.


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Guided tours are also available - please contact Irene on (06) 3647367 to book.


 The Marae at Pukekaraka - A Marae is a sacred meeting place.  This Marae is dedicated to Hine Nui o te Ao Katoa - Mary, Great Woman of the Whole World. Woman of Light.  The symbol of the larger meeting house is an M for Mary and a  globe representing the World.  There are no special carvings or paintings on this house as Mary is our common ancestor or 'tupuna'

The smaller meeting house is called 'Roma' - it's symbol is the keys Christ gave to St Peter.


The old presbytery built in 1897

 The Wall of Reconciliation (built in 1910) with the Grotto to Mary (1st built 1901 and rebuilt 1905) above the wall.  To the left of the wall is the Millennium Cairn.  The Stations of the Cross lead you up the hill to the cemetery where there are several ancient Maori graves.  The cemetery is now used specifically for deceased priests and sisters as decreeed by the ancestors of Ngati Kapu.



The church at Levin - minus it's spire which was an earthquake risk.

Photo of Levin Parish church taken in 1981 Horowhenua Historial Society Inc




 The little church on SH1 at Kuku.