The Catholic Parish of Otaki and  Levin

Faith Communities of Otaki, Levin and Kuku



Our Mission

We strive to live the Gospels and to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth while acknowledging the failings of our own humanity.

We turn to Mary, mother of God, for guidance and protection in our daily lives and to Joseph, her spouse, for leadership and inspiration in our daily works.

We warmly welcome all who come to our parish and hope they find a prayerful place of Christian love and care in our community.


 Our Parish Prayer



O God

We gratefully thank you

for calling us and for blessing

our new parish of




We ask the Holy Spirit

to guide all we do and say

so that all begins and ends with you



Bless our families,

especially those who are older and sick,

and keep an eye on our young.



Increase our love and understanding

so that we can be

of one heart and mind

to give you glory in all we do.



In a special way we ask the intercession

of our patrons, Mary and Joseph,

to help us live more fully

like the Holy Family,

cherishing your presence and

presenting you to those around us.



Ma Te Atua tatou e manaaki

May God constantly guide us.





 To make a prayer request please email the parish office.  Only your intention will be published on this page and not your name or details unless otherwise asked for.  

To light a candle for a prayer intention please visit

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This Policy is in respect to how any complaint or controversial issue raised specifically by a parishioner of Saints Mary and Joseph Parish of Otaki and Levin is to be made, and to whom, and the method of dealing with  them.

The Policy is intended for use in resolving any complaints of actions, inaction or controversial incidents or issues in the Parish, and the processes to achieve a resolution.

The intention is that concerns and complaints are dealt with in caring, efficient and timely manner to resolve the matters to the satisfaction of the parishioner or parish representative  involved.

It is appropriate that the raising of any complaint or other concern or issue is done in a respectful and controlled approach and manner, to avoid any confrontational instances between parishioners or parish representatives.

This Policy does not preclude a parishioner dealing directly with another parishioner or the Parish Priest in respect to minor issues. This gives the opportunity for the parties to discuss and understand the issue concerned and come to a resolution.

If a minor issue or complaint cannot be resolved between the parties or if there are complaints or concerns of a serious nature then the notifying of complaints process as outlined is to be followed.



•     Unresolved minor issues of concern and all complaints of a serious or involved nature, are to be made to a member of      the Parish Pastoral Council.

•     Minor matters may be conveyed verbally however, controversial and serious matters and complaints are to be made       in writing

•    If further information or details of an incident complained of or parties involved is required, then a Parish Council                representative{s} will liaise with the complainant to obtain and record this.

•     Expressions of concern and complaints should be lodged within a reasonable time of the occurrence or concern.

•    If a parishioner does not want their complaint to be dealt with in accordance with this Parish Complaints Policy, then 

     they have the alternative of referring their complaint or concern to the Director of Pastoral Services (Complaints Policy 

     and Procedures}, Archdiocese of Wellington.




•    The Parish Pastoral Council will accept responsibility for investigating and working towards a satisfactory resolution of       any referred complaint or  concern.

•    The emphasis is to be on finding a fair and just resolution or outcome.

•     Receipt of complaints or concerns must be acknowledged and dealt with promptly and professionally.

•     The feelings and dignity of parties involved in a complaint are to be respected and attempts must be made to resolve        the matter at an appropriate level in line with the degree of seriousness.

•     The parties must be encouraged to cooperate during any investigation by the Parish Pastoral Council and to participate        in resolution attempts.

•     The details of any complaint or concern are to be confined to the Parish Pastoral Council members or any other person        it is considered should be aware.

•     If necessary qualified assistance from outside the Parish Pastoral Council may be engaged for advice in resolving an             issue.

•     Complainants are to be kept informed of progress during an investigation and must be notified of the final outcome         at the conclusion of an  investigation.